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Just sharing an old Sekirei halloween special.

bra and panties warning )
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[ profile] please_reapp: -- oh my god tangent first they animated the health exam sekirei chapter short wat

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I bet that is
/puts on glasses.

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please_reapp: (bear is driving! How can this be!) chapter 104 was released along with a DEAGING SPECIAL starring Kuusano as the responsible adult.

Matsu is Keroro Gunsou's Kururu?! )
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So I upped the Kagari-winging centric episodes of the new Sekirei anime yesterday and might as well share the links here! Though I missed an excellent lead-up episode (4) naturally but hey. I figured I might as well offer the direct downloads while they're available.

Sekirei Pure Engagement ep 5
Sekirei Pure Engagement ep 6
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Ummm, so we should probably have a team post so we can talk about our thoughts. And also so we don't double up on suspicion votes and things like that.
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ZAZZLE: Family gatherings will never happen! "YOU WILL NEVER BE PART OF MY FAMILY" remember?
ME: It is entirely possible the entire recent Sekirei Plan has been put together to arrange a family gathering, you know.
ZAZZLE: [Actually stabs herself in the forehead]


Relationship chart behind cut )
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Just a quick update to note that even if I missed a beta post comment or anything, I'm always happy to beta for anyone from any of my current canons, which are:

- Hana-Kimi
- Kingdom Hearts
- Digital Devil Saga
- .hack//G.U.
- Sekirei
- Saiyuki

Just contact me at harukami [at] gmail [dot] com! ♥
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ETA: ...also generic nsfw due to panties warning.


Because I ♥ them and want to share.

And also so I don't have to go browse youtube every time I want to rewatch sigh.

ETA: ...touch the hd button it's much prettier :/

Please note that in the end theme, the "muscle man" section features a different character every ep /)_(\ ...I can't find my favourite most horrifying ones on youtube though :(

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Because I am sure some people will be curious! CFUW Sekirei game infodump post!

Letters sent to Ashikabi )

Letters sent to Sekirei; note that the attachments for individual sekirei are copied below )

Attachments to the Sekirei emails )

Mailed-out point opportunities )

I am not digging through Zazzle's phone for her text messages.
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An MBI Publication


Congratulations! You, an Ashikabi (a human with special genes) have met a Sekirei, a (usually) buxom battle alien! If the two of you are lucky enough to be reacting, you are probably noticing the following symptoms!

The Ashikabi
- Moments of sudden unexplained arousal when you look at her.
- A strange desire to kiss the Sekirei
- Confusion about these strange feelings, especially if it's your first Sekirei!

The Sekirei
- A tendency to go weak-kneed around your Ashikabi, like you couldn't fight even if he wanted to do ~anything~ to you.
- Flushing, feverish arousal
- Increased heart rate
- A desperate desire to kiss the Ashikabi
- You may sense some of his emotions even when just reacting! These may not read completely correctly -- for example, his grief might just turn you on even more. Don't be distressed! It doesn't mean you're a pervert.

If you two are feeling any or all of these symptoms, don't worry! This is perfectly natural and healthy for a Sekirei and her (or his!) Ashikabi! And if you only feel some of them, or they seem much mild -- or more intense -- than described as above, don't worry either! There are 108 marvelous Sekirei out there, and each one is different!

Throughout this pamphlet, we aim to explore the possibilities and the average situations involved in a Sekirei-Ashikabi bond, but because of the vast array of personalities and types, and different circumstances such as an Ashikabi's strength or weakness, you may barely touch on the points given here, or you may experience them so deeply and profoundly you wouldn't be able to function while reacting! But however you -- ahem -- react, we hope to provide you with some information about your newfound situation.


If you've established that you and your Sekirei are reacting, good job, tiger! Next step is Winging! It's a big event, because Winging will bond you to the Sekirei forever and ever!

But don't worry! It's easy to do -- and if you're hesitating, remember, you're not the only one choosing it here! Plenty of Sekirei choose to wing themselves ON their Ashikabi, so act fast unless you want to explain to everyone else forever that you were the one to get kissed, not kiss!

All winging involves is, plain and simple, getting your saliva on the Sekirei -- particularly on an opening to their body! Kisses are the most common method, and highly advised, as mingling saliva is an effective way to wing quickly! But some Sekirei have reported effective results with kisses on intimate areas! Maybe it's no longer just polite to go down on your partner when hooking up, eh?

Winging is felt most strongly by the Sekirei, as they're the one growing the wings! Sekirei, pay attention. Usually within 1-3 consecutive kisses, a hot arousal will flush your body! This may vary from a simple pleasant warm feeling and tingling to out and out unexpected orgasm. Either is perfectly normal and a sign of your body's acceptance of the bond! Don't be alarmed by it.

At the point the heat -- again, be it gentle warmth or rampaging desperate passion -- reaches its peak, glowing wings will temporarily manifest in the air behind your back! These are non-tangible, brief, and not it is not recommended to attempt actual flight with them.

A mark will form on the back of your neck, the Sekirei Mark. This is the brand of your Ashikabi's possession of you.

It is traditional for a Sekirei to tell their Ashikabi Ikuhisashiku, or "Forever and Ever", after being winged. After all, it's a little bit like a marriage, so it should be treated with a proper oath!


Once the Sekirei has been winged, a bond is formed between the two of you!

Things that do happen with the Sekirei Bond:
- Occasional moments of psychic empathy -- the Ashikabi may feel the Sekirei's emotions or, much more often, the Sekirei will feel the Ashikabi's. This usually comes in brief moments of strong emotion, and rarely lasts long when it occurs.
- It is likely that one or the other of you may develop a crush. It is not guaranteed that either or both will. If it occurs, this may or may not fade with time or blossom into a full-fledged love!
- Possessive feelings on both sides may (or may not) occur.
- A strange pervasive desire to be close to each other at most times will occur. Of course, any individual can choose to ignore their desires, but Sekirei sometimes sleepwalk into their Ashikabi's beds when they're not conscious enough to protest it, so we at MBI advise getting a bigger bed.
- The Sekirei can get a temporary power-up by a) you kissing them and b) them reciting a private oath or "norito". This will only be relevant in a situation they can use their powers, of course!
- Kissing the Sekirei at any time after winging them will temporarily manifest their wings again. They are still intangible, however. Sorry.

Things that don't happen with the Sekirei Bond
- Slavery or mandatory obedience. Sorry, but the Sekirei is never obliged in any way to follow their Ashikabi's orders! If you want a slave, you'll have to go about it the old-fashioned way.
- Personality changes. Sorry, but if for some reason your Sekirei was a sulky angry bitch, they're not going to be any less of a sulky angry bitch just because they're bonded to you. In fact, depending on if they're the type to get worse when they have a crush, we at MBI strongly advise having a safe zone to flee to!
- Free sex. Sorry, but if one side or the other doesn't want to put out, you'll have to court them the traditional way. We at MBI recommend flowers, and perhaps chocolates, but only if they like sweets. Otherwise, fruit are generally considered a valid dating gift.


Haha! That would surely upset your Ashikabi, wouldn't it!

Lots of Ashikabi end up reacting with more than one Sekirei, just as lots of Ashikabi only ever react with one. There is no universal rule of how to behave in these situations! Of course, since for now you all more or less are working together and have the same goals, it's probably best to not try to outright attack each other! Likewise, since when this game ends, only one Sekirei will walk away with the ultimate prize, it's only natural to feel a bit of competition. We strongly advise counting to ten and walking away as a possible coping mechanism.

But as an overview, some Sekirei end up close friends with their fellows. Others will always compete and hate each other. However you feel about it is fine! Don't stress too much about what's 'normal' and what isn't in these situations.

Just remember: Sometimes, life really is this weird!


- We at MBI will provide free replacement clothing when the Sekirei's gets torn, which it will, because Sekirei clothing is designed to be tear-away at the slightest provocation. This is entirely for valid battle reasons and has nothing at all to do with the fact the Game Master and CEO is watching you through long distance cameras right now. Your replacement clothing will be sent within a day or two, so feel free to wear alternate clothes or go naked in the meantime. The CEO puts in a vote for naked.

- Sekirei will be able to sense if other people they meet are Ashikabi or Sekirei. Ashikabi will generally not be able to tell, except under rare circumstances, such as growing accustomed to the feeling of Reaction and what that means.

- Under no circumstances should any Sekirei let another touch their Sekirei Mark. This could mean the dissolution of your bond and the destruction of your heart's attachment to your Ashikabi. Also, you will be removed from the game and never permitted to see your ashikabi again if this happens. So, you know. Don't do it.

- A bond can only be broken when the Sekirei takes enough damage or has it touched while the other Sekirei recites a Norito (see above). We could spend a section explaining the breaking of a bond, but it's too depressing. Just recognize that it really sucks because you had all the above and lost it. So fight hard to keep your bond.


The winging of a Sekirei really is an amazing event. Again, for all this pamphlet aims to provide a rough guide, there's a huge range of responses, from the mildest and most attached to completely and utterly stalkerishly attached -- so whatever you feel, you're probably normal, or maybe MBI did something weird to you. Either way, you'll never know the difference.

We here at MBI hope that you two will be very happy as you live together, discover your awkward traumatic adjustments, and fumble for explanations of the embarrassing situations you find yourselves in.
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Um, hi. I ... was told my partner knows what I am. I don't actually know myself.
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I mean, recent chapters have shown that every single Sekirei is camper-appable, since the oldest of them was an embryo 20 years earlier. So they're basically all between 9 and 19. That's 108 characters... most of whom will never appear in this manga! AND a bunch of the Ashikabi -- normal human saps -- are also camper appable.

So behind the cut are NINETEEN CHARACTERS FROM SEKIREI (including 2 counselors), pimped directly from ME to YOU.

Warning. Image-heavy, spoilers!

19 characters from Sekirei on the wall, 19 characters on the wall, take one down, pass it around... )
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[It is the middle of the night, Minato's first night in camp. He is sleeping peacefully in Kagari's bed, blissfully alone.

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Age: 19
Birthday: Sept 15
Height: 173 cm (5'6")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Medical Info: He's pretty normally healthy.
Abilities: ...he's pretty nice! Okay, no, um, his biggest ability is "has aliens who kick the shit out of people, sometimes while not wearing their clothing". Is "inability to perform in any way, shape, or form when under pressure" an ability?
Notes for the Psychics: Minato is hiding the fact he knows about sekirei, aliens, etc, but otherwise, he seems pretty normal. He has a strong emotional (to the point of empathy) bond with a bunch of aliens, if you can sense that far, but mostly he's just a guy with moderately low self-esteem and a good heart.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Go for it! Contact me if you're worried (harukami at gmail)
Maim/Murder/Death: Haha SURE but ask first because he kind of. Has a mafia. Of crazy battle vixen aliens.
Cooking: Well... he lived on his own for a while. So he probably... wouldn't kill you with it. If you imply you think he can do well, he'll probably cook worse, though.
Kissing/Hugging: Absolutely! Don't even bother to ask first. Just go for it. It's canon.

App post!

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